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Assorted Stage Management Work

Directed by David Chambers

Set Designer Darcy SCanlin 

Costume Design Irina Kruzhilina

Lighting Deisgn Josh McCabe

Sound Design Josh Schmidt


Photo Credit: Michael Sears


The Merchant of Venice
     @ Milwaukee Shakespeare
Julius Caesar    
     @ Milwaukee Shakespeare

Directed by Eleanor Holdridge

Set Design by Kris Strone

Costume Design by Karin Kopischke

Lighting Deisgn Les Dickert

Music Composed by Josh Horvath


Photo Credit: Michael Sears


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
     @ The Orlando Repertory Theatre

Directed by Steve MacKinnon

Choreographed by Janie Walsh-Weber

Scenic Design by Tom Mangieri

Lighting Design by Jonathan Whiteley

Sound Design by Britt Sandusky


Photo Credit: Michael Cairns

The Clean House
     @ The Caldwell Theatre

Directed by Michael Hall

Scenic Design by Tim Bennet

Costume Design by Erin Amico

Lighting Design By John Hall

Sound Design by Sean Lawson


Photo Credit: Tim Bennet

Book by John Keating

Music by Sandra Lowell

Directed by Mark Fleischer


Photo Credit: Brennan Felbinger

Kitty: A Stage Reading
     Musical Theatre Artists of Pittsburgh
The Mystery Plays
     World Premiere Co-Production
     Second Stage & Yale Repertory Theatre

Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Directed by Connie Grappo

Scenic Design by Sandra Goldmark

Costume Design by Amanda Walker

Lighting Design by S. Ryan Schmidt

Sound Design by Keith Townsend Obadike


Photo Credit: Sandra Goldmark

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